“Unknown user started following you”

Today Medium.com tells me that “Unknown user started following you” … what is the significance of this? How do you get to be an “unknown user” on Medium? Why would someone want to hide their identity when following someone?


Ah, I think I worked it out…

I subsequently discovered that Medium had sent me an email notifying me about the user. And the user was clearly spamming people with some kind of scam link (I didn’t click on it — phew!) . But I did follow the link to the user’s profile which had been taken down. So that would explain why it was an “unknown user” who started following me (because the user no longer exists on Medium.com).

I suppose this is a work-around on Medium’s part. Something to do with not being able to remove notifications after they have been sent… something like that. (End of mystery.)

Andrew is a Product Designer at https://medium.com/thortspace - #3D #collaborative #thought_mapping #app. See it more than one way!

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