Please can all the men who have a penis, type #MeToo in your status line

Then I think we’ll get an idea of how big the problem is.

I’ve just been directed by a friend to read an article which is full to the brim of unhelpful ways of looking at things. Here it is:

Lets take a typical problematic piece of this:

“Of course harassment and abuse exist along a spectrum. The point is not that everything on the spectrum is the same, but that it’s all the same spectrum — a range of expressions that trace to a core set of ideas, namely that women are objects, adjuncts to men, there to soothe, coddle, please, or serve men, subject to their control and abuse.” ~ David Roberts

Here, for example, Roberts is clubbing together a set of behaviours which he is asserting should all be placed onto a single “spectrum”. But Roberts does not provide any clear criteria by which to include or exclude a specific questionable behaviour into his spectrum (other than perhaps that it is questionable?), nor any good reason why it is helpful to put this set of behaviours into a set (other than to support his spurious argument that “Dudes” need to change our ways).

Men and women have been letting each other know what behaviours they like and which ones they don’t like for 60 million years. Men and women both have themselves to thank for the nature of the other. That is not all going to change in 2018 just cos some people went on twitter. Why is it not going to change? Because people don’t want it to change. The other sex is for the most part just how we want them to be. We’ve been working on each other for a long time.

Some men, of course, do things which are illegal, and in those cases there are remedies available in the legal system. If the legal system is not adequate in respect of this criminal activity then that is the place to go to work on this.

I don’t think there is much else to say about this.

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