If you create a Thortspace account and log in (you can use Thortspace locally without doing this), and then either set a sphere to be public, or else become a subscriber, then the cloud service will will enable full-text search of all the content of your spheres. Then when you do a sphere search for a given text you’ll find all the spheres containing that text in thorts or groups, not just sphere titles.

Otherwise, the search text when search for spheres is just applied to the sphere name.

Having found spheres that match a given text, you can now search within a sphere for thorts or groups matching the text by switching to the Thorts list of the search tab. You may have to re-enter or copy-and-paste the search text into the search box for thorts (unfortunately).

Andrew is a Product Designer at https://medium.com/thortspace - #3D #collaborative #thought_mapping #app. See it more than one way!

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