Have you got another think coming, or have you got another thing coming? Finally the great debate of our time is settled.

Finally this important question has been answered once and for all !

Someone was asking about this, so I thought about it and I figured out the answer and thought you should know, because its important !

David Marsh in his Guardian article concludes that “another think coming” makes more sense, and he eloquently expresses why he thinks so…

Marsh also traces the history of the expression, how it started out being “another think coming” and then through misuse became “another thing coming”, which apparently, though obviously wrong, is now more common, and therefore in a sense it is right after all!

But here’s the thing! You can, if you like, use either expression … just be aware that they mean different things.

  • “… you’ve got another think coming” … means something like “you are very much mistaken and are most likely going to find that out quite soon”

So the answer, after all the hours of debate, is simply to use the expression that means the meaning that you are intending to convey. If you do that, there is no longer any question about which expression you should use.

Andrew is a Product Designer at https://medium.com/thortspace - #3D #collaborative #thought_mapping #app. See it more than one way!

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