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Not precisely, no it isn’t. But there are a bunch of things that you can do that I think would achieve a big part of what you’re after here.

First a definition: In Thortspace, a path is a continuous series of connected path-steps of the same path-type. A path-step is a single connection of a given path-type that connects a thort to another thort, or a thortgroup to another thortgroup or a thort to a thortgroup.

I’ll start by saving creating a new arrangement (so that I can leave the current layout in tact as it is).

See other articles about arrangements: here:

and here:

Now, in desktop versions of Thortspace, and while in my new arrangement, if you hover the mouse over a path-step, the entire path will highlight.

In desktop versions of Thortspace, if you hover the mouse over a path-step, the entire path will highlight.

Then if you right-click on the path-step, you will select all the thorts and groups that are connected by that the path which that path-step is part of.

Now Control-Right-Click (Command-Right-Click on Mac) in some empty space on the sphere, and all the selected thorts will move to that place.

I will save this as an arrangement.

Now I have 3 arrangements — the original, and then one arrangement which turns each of the paths into a group:

Next I will create a fourth arrangement and click the “Group By” button at the bottom of Categories tab:

This puts all the thorts on the sphere into groups according to their category in the currently applying category set.

For more about categories and category sets see:


Initially the groups will be spread around the sphere, but I’ll bring my two groups together. Now I have four arrangements:

  • Original
  • Group by the blue path
  • Group by the yellow path
  • Group by the categories

Combinations or arrangements and viewpoints can be saved into Journeys. See:

I hope some of the above goes some way towards address your requirements. Please let us know what you think. Many thanks for the great questions and comments!

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