Hopefully the pictures below are fairly self-explanatory.

(1) Fill in the description text and YouTube ID then click the Tick next to box.

Image for post
Image for post
Fill in the description text and YouTube ID then click the Tick next to box.

Go to https://thort.space and sign in or register an account

Dear Thortspace Support,
I am currently testing Thortspace and I see there is no support for oriental languages like Chinese (whether Traditional or Simplified), Japanese or Vietnamese (especially the specific diacritics like in “Phở”). Is there a plan to support it in a near future?

Thank you for being in touch.

You can use any language at all when entering text, as long as you stick to using the Web Browser version of Thortspace which is here:


The Web Browser version of Thortspace does not as yet have the full functionality as the Thortspace App, however you can edit…

Since 6th February 2021, it has been very much easier to subscribe to Thortspace Premium

If you’re happy to have your work in Thortspace be public, you probably don’t need to subscribe to Thortspace Premium — you can just use a Free Thortspace account and get all the benefits of Thortspace cloud service, including unlimited public spheres, for free.

But if you have work that you want to keep confidential, then probably Thortspace Premium or Thortspace Business (ie. Premium for the Organisation) is the way to go.

To upgrade to Thortspace Premium, just go to:
https://thort.space/overlay/account/details (you may need to log in or register a free account, if you haven’t already done that).

Then choose…

We are looking to finish off the Thortspace year in 2020 by people sharing some specific measurable difference you have made by using Thortspace in 2020.

We are looking to finish off the Thortspace year in 2020 by people sharing some specific measurable difference you have made by using Thortspace in 2020.

Please could you structure your responses in the following form:

(1) I was working on X …
[where X is a vision, goal, project, problem, topic of interest, hobby, concern, dream, global-crisis, promise I made, promise for the world, argument, conflict, contentious issue, etc.]

(2) I used Thortspace in such-and-such Y way
[bonus points if you can share a TS sphere or a TS journey as part of Y]

(3) I produced result…

Step 1: Click the Thort.space group you want to link to (eg. from social media).

Step 2: Click “Permalink Group” from the links line at the top of the Thort.space web page.

Image for post
Image for post

A new tab will open with the permalink in the URL line.

Step 3: Select and copy the weblink from the URL line in the new browser tab.

Like this …


To achieve this effect, simply copy a thort.space URL from the address line of your browser, and paste it into the medium article on a new line. Then press return. That’s all there is to it.

You can paste more than one embed into the same medium article … like this:


The URL can be a regular sphere one, or a journey or a pemalink view. Examples:

Sphere URL: https://thort.space/49287003

Journey URL: https://thort.space/journey/110898789587140112950_5129815931640490948_2023071682883803580/1

Permalink to a view, a group or a thort:
View: https://thort.space/49287003/for/view/0.597407,-0.374895,-0.708914/up/0.167376,0.922821,-0.346967/zoom/238
Thort: https://thort.space/49287003/for/thort/218/up/0.177588,0.919948,-0.349513/zoom/20.36136

Many thanks to https://embed.ly/ for enabling Thortspace to be able to do this. And of course, as always, many thanks to John Beshir for his great work.

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Image for post

Parents die
so as to make it easier to love them.

It’s a kind of gift, unwanted certainly,
But even so, a gift.

Once dead, they can no longer be annoying,
And parents are annoying, aren’t they.

Always wanting to tell you things about their years of painful experience,
Hoping and praying that you don’t make the same mistakes they made.

Which of course you don’t.
You just make other mistakes.

I now have Thortspace on several devices and my destkop computer. I have built some spheres on one of the devices, but they are not syncing with any of the other devices.

Please note that spheres of free account users need to be made public before they will sync.

In order to make a sphere public, click the “Publish” button on Share tab, as shown in the graphic below.

Image for post
Image for post

By the way, if you have a logged-in Premium subscription, all your spheres will sync between all your devices without making them public.

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The Coronavirus pandemic has put into sharp contrast the difference between effective action and screwing things up badly. (On the subject of which, more about Dominic Cummings later.)

Image for post
Image for post
Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash

Nations like the UK, the USA and Sweden have so far done tragically much worse in responding to the pandemic than nations like New Zealand and Singapore. See:

Many of the better performing nations, such as Germany (@ 20th June — 110 deaths per million), might seem at first sight to have in most significant respects a very similar set of circumstances to respond to as the badly performing nations like the UK (@ 20th June — 636 deaths per million).

It is said that hindsight is 20:20, and obviously with hindsight people who study the pandemic will be able…

In the end
I just walked out into the desert.
I knew the game was up,
and we had lost.

You just have to keep paying attention
otherwise you discover
ten years into the battle …
that all the effort you put in and
all that time …

you were working for the other side,
working for your own annihilation,
and you never even knew it.

You’ve been played.

You never even knew it,
but you’ve been working for the enemy.

Andrew Bindon

Andrew is a Product Designer at https://medium.com/thortspace - #3D #collaborative #thought_mapping #app. See it more than one way!

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